Our Commitment to Sustainability

The core values of Medtecs are “customer focus,” “valuing our people,” and “sustainable practices.” We build these values into the fabric of our business to better the world’s health for everyone, everywhere. We are committed to playing our part and driving for changes to safeguard the interests of our clients, employees, communities, and our planet.


Donated 200,000 masks to the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee for the athletes participating in Tokyo Olympics.

The Taiwan subsidiary purchased new orbital laundry equipment to save water and electricity.

The Philippine subsidiary established the first factory in Bonded Area with COVID-19 screening, to protect the health of Medtecs employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Cambodian subsidiary was awarded the International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Better Factories Cambodia.

Sustainable Environment

We are devoted to reducing our impact on the planet by switching to equipment that reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Community Empowerment

Medtecs stands at the forefront of pandemic control and prevention.


We regard the R&D of products and services as an important driving force for growth.

Sustainability Governance

We implement corporate governance according to the principles of Accountability, Transparency, and Sustainability.

Diversified Workplaces

Our employees are our long-term partners towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Report

We maintain transparency in business and through our sustainability report, we intend to outline our commitment and latest efforts in going green and making the world a better place.

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Sustainability Reports