Sustainable Environment

We are living in a climate emergency. As extreme weather events are likely to become more frequent, it is now everyone’s responsibility to tackle climate change. Corporations also need to change, adapt and implement more eco-friendly business practices. For this reason, Medtecs has formulated energy-saving and carbon-reduction goals for each operation unit to improve the energy utilization efficiency of the Group.

Energy use and management

Business growth and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive endeavors. To improve the overall energy efficiency of the Group, we have regularly upgraded and renovated old equipment, strengthened personnel management, and replaced energy-consuming equipment with energy-saving equipment. The work is supervised by relevant responsible unit, and regular inspections are conducted for continuous improvement.

Energy-saving and carbon-reduction efforts of Medtecs in 2020

Pollution prevention

● Wastewater management

Medtecs has set up pollution prevention and control facilities in each factory area, or commissioned specialized operators to properly handle the waste generated during operation in order to reduce its negative impact on the environment.


Most of the wastewater discharged by the Group's two laundry plants in Taiwan is laundry wastewater, and is discharged after being treated by the wastewater treatment facility in the plant, minimizing water pollution. The discharged water is also inspected by the local environmental protection department every year, all results have met the discharge standards.


The subsidiary in Cambodia does not use dyes in the manufacturing process; therefore, the wastewater generated is basically domestic wastewater. Nevertheless, the relevant responsible unit still conducts regular checks on the drinking water and filtered water to measure their potential of hydrogen (pH) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) values, ensuring that the water all meet the standards required by the local government for discharge.


The subsidiary in the Philippines uses only low-polluting dyes, and prohibits the use of azo dyes. Furthermore, part of the cooling water used during the dyeing operation is recycled to reduce waste.

● Waste management

Adhering to the principle of “reduce, reuse and recycle”, Medtecs requires all employees to implement waste classification for recycling and reuse, and commissions specialized operators to carry out the recycling operation.


General industrial waste: Transported or incinerated by commissioned operator


Leftover non-woven fabrics: Sold to recycling operator to convert into plastic pellets


General industrial waste: Handled by centralized treatment facility

Hazardous waste: Treated by commissioned operator

Medium and long-term targets

Increase the wastewater inspection from once every quarter to a monthly basis to shorten the period between tests and for early correction actions.

Collaborate with local manufacturers to recycle PE and PPSB materials, it is expected the recyle efforts will reduce the weight of waste by more than 30%.

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