OMO Acne Patch

With a revolutionary design, OMO is not your average acne patch. The “Peel Easy” patented design helps you aim better and avoid direct contact with the dressing.


【Safe ingredients】Made with 100% medical-grade absorbent hydrocolloid, Medtecs OMO Acne Patch is non-toxic, drug-free, latex-free and biocompatible.

【Patented design】Get ready for a revolutionary new experience with OMO’s patented peel-and-stick design! Say goodbye to worries about skin contact with these amazing patches. With precision placement and easy-peel application, you’ll be able to speed up your recovery and prevent infections in a flash. Trust us, it’s that easy!

【Invisible】Featuring a matte outer layer and beveled design, our patches blend seamlessly with all skin tones, making them barely noticeable on your face. You can wear them confidently throughout the day without anyone noticing.

【Fast healing】 Medtecs OMO Acne Patch effectively draws out pus and impurities straight from the whiteheads to flatten acne and speed up recovery.

【Water-resistant & Makeup-friendly】Our acne patch sticks firmly to your face even after showering, allowing you to apply makeup directly on top of it without worrying about it falling off or interfering with your beauty routine.


Product NameOMO Acne Patch
Dimension10 mm/12 mm
Country of OriginKorea
Package Quantity10 mm – 75 pcs
12 mm – 60 pcs
(For mixed pack) 10 mm – 45 pcs/12 mm – 24pcs

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