bib and brace

Bib and brace, also called bib trousers or bib overalls, made by Medtecs set the standard for comfort, durability, and overall practicality. Features a generous fit with a large bib pocket and an adjustable band.Its sturdy functionality is built for work for comfort and convenience alternative to traditional belted work pants.


Product Information

Specification I

  • Fiber content: 65% Polyester /35% Cotton Fabric

  • Weight: 245gsm

  • Colors: Royal Blue

  • Size: 40 – 164


Specification II

  • Fiber content: 65% Cotton/34% Polyester /1% antistatic Fabric

  • Weight: 350gsm

  • Colors: Navy/Red

  • Size: 40 – 72

Frequently Asked Questions

Bib and braces are one of workwear, also called (bib) overalls or dungarees. They are used to protect inner clothes when working.

  1. You need to make sure that your lower back is always covered, then a comfortable pair of bib and braces is the right solution for you.

  2. You need functional clothes in case to bring your tools or necessities. Medtecs produce a wide assortment of different styles and functions of bib and braces, such as front or knee pockets, elastic and adjustable straps, etc., according to your needs.

  3. If you require lots of work outdoors, it is very important to make sure your workwear brings you warm or cool in seasons, as well as products that are wind and waterproof.

  4. Fluorescent colors can be designed to add extra safety and visibility for a darker working environment.

Could Medtecs Make A Customized Version?

If you have any request for products, please feel free to contact our service team to get more information.

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