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bib apron

Bib aprons made by Medtecs are soft touch and free from harmful chemicals safe for you and your family. Large one covers from chest to knee provides great coverage and protection from kitchen grease spills and food stains.


Product Information

  • Fiber content: 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Weight: 214gsm
  • Colors: White and Colors
  • Size: 71x81cm
  • Regular, No Pocket With Pen Pocket and 2 Lower Pockets

Frequently Asked Questions

Aprons are invented in ancient times for practical, decorative, and ritualistic purposes. From the French word “naperon”, meaning a small tablecloth, aprons have been worn to protect garments, and indicate status.

  • Preventing You From Stain

    To prevent the inner clothes from dust, dirt, spills, and debris during cooking, serving, cleaning, or performing a creative task. Aprons protect your clothes and act as a protective barrier.

  • Giving You An Instant Clean Effect

    Wearing aprons lets you clean your hands in time when working, instead of washing your hands every time you’ve touched something.

  • Allowing a safer working environment

    Wearing an apron allows you to have a safer working environment as you’ll be protected from things like dirt, dangerous materials, heat, etc.

  • Give you an additional function when working

    Some aprons come with pockets, that enable you to keep handy a sponge, washcloth, or other tools.

  • Business Identification

    We can produce different and attractive appearances of aprons to show business or employee identification.

  • More Than An Identification

    Sometimes aprons are more of a fashion statement that they will be able to be easily identified in a position by others. Sometimes people just enjoy adding an apron to indicate a fun feeling about the work they are doing for a special occasion.

Waist aprons are shorter than bib aprons, covering only legs and knees. Waist aprons would be good for a restaurant waitstaff or employees of construction and carpentry firms.

Bib aprons wrap around the wearer’s neck or shoulders to cover his or her chest as well. They are useful for kitchen and cooking staff that need to protect their upper bodies from stains and splatters.

Since some people experience limited mobility wearing them, we can adjust the upper portion of the apron by customization.

  1. Put on an apron and check the front surface is completely covering the front of the full body or lower body. Check the body mobility and adjust your apron before tieing.

  2. Take the waist drawstrings behind you and tie in a bow around your waist. If the strings are long, you can cross them behind your back and bring them around to the front to tie the bow.

  3. Pull the knot snug and tug on the apron to ensure it fits properly.

Could Medtecs Make A Customized Version?

If you have any request for products, please feel free to contact our service team to get more information.

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