Community Empowerment

The world has been in pandemic mode for the past two years. In line with our vision to better the world’s health for everyone, everywhere, Medtecs donated PPE and medical supplies worldwide, with recipients ranging from frontline workers, school children to the elderly and other vulnerable communities who needed us the most. It will be an ongoing mission for us to provide new solutions to the public’s daily protection needs in the current and post-pandemic era.

Medtecs previous donations


July, Medtecs x Harlem Yu

In July 2021, we teamed up with singer-songwriter Harlem Yu to donate PPE supplies to a charity campaign sponsored by New Taipei City. The donation amounting to NT$ 4.18 million dollars included isolation gowns, N95 masks, gloves, goggles and several more, and was distributed across the city to long-term care facilities.


May, Taiwan pandemic crisis support

At the end of May 2021, Taiwan experienced its first major COVID-19 outbreak. Overnight, the demand for PPE exploded and the Group responded in record time, shipping much-needed PPE and other medical supplies back to Taiwan by air to hospitals, clinics and those in need. In just 25 days, we distributed five million pieces of PPE from five distribution centres around the world. This has proved our ability to mobilize resources globally to assist clients across all sectors and during times of public health crisis, owing to the Company’s years of experiences and building the right relationships.

May, Supporting Japan

In May 2021, we donated 50,000 and 100,000 masks to the Ayase and Ebina City Governments of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, respectively.

Apr., Supporting Taiwan athletes in the Tokyo Olympics

In April 2021, we provided 200,000 pieces of Games-inspired face masks to our Taiwan athletes, coaches, and trainers participating at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Feb., Collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TSMC Charity Foundation

In February 2021, we collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TSMC Charity Foundation to donate PPE supplies to Taiwan’s African ally Kingdom of Swatini, Caribbean ally St. Lucia, and Horn of Africa partner Somaliland. The donation comprised 150,000 surgical masks, 11,000 isolation gowns, 7,000 coveralls, 6,000 head covers, 6,000 shoe covers, and 1,500 CoverU Jackets. These items were distributed to government agencies, health care facilities, and the underprivileged.


Total donation to the Philippines in 2020

In 2020, our subsidiary in the Philippines donated nearly 1.8 million face masks, including 779,950 N88 masks, 5,650 N95 masks and 990,700 medical masks, 2,000 coveralls and 100 isolation gowns to government agencies, military units and local NGOs.


Dec., Donation to the French Red Cross

In late December 2020, we provided one million masks to the French Red Cross through the Bureau Français de Taipei (French Office in Taipei), hoping to offer immediate assistance to medical institutions in France.

Dec., Donation to the Philippines

In early December 2020, we joined hands with the Confederation of Philippine Manufacturers of PPE (CPMP) to donate one million masks to the Philippines, in response to the victims at the affected areas suffering from the consequences of Typhoon Ulysses and Super Typhoon Rolly.

Nov., Protecting underprivileged groups in Taiwan

To prevent the outbreak of the pandemic in the fall and winter again, we launched the “New Life with Beauty in Distance” project in late October 2020. We partnered with 12 public welfare organizations to donate millions of masks to protect the underprivileged groups and pass on the protection of love to places throughout Taiwan.

Oct., Joint donation with the Taipei Representative Office in Germany

In October 2020, we provided 2,000 pieces of coveralls to the Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Taipei representative office in Germany).

Mar., Donation to Cambodia

In March 2020, we provided US$722,000 worth of epidemic prevention materials to the Cambodian government,including 100,000 surgical masks, 20,000 coveralls, 20,000 level 4 high-risk isolation gowns, 50,000 PE isolation gowns, 10,000 pairs of goggles, and 50,000 bouffant caps, and 100,000 pieces of shoe covers.

Feb., Supporting underprivileged school children in Taiwan

In February 2020, we donated a total of 300,000 masks to local social welfare groups to protect the health of underprivileged school children in Taiwan.

  • 166,000 children masks to the “Child Welfare League Foundation” to protect the health of more than 3,200 children in more than 450 rural elementary schools.
  • 100,000 children masks to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families.
  • 34,000 children masks to the “Autism Society of Taiwan”.”
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