Washable overalls made by Medtecs feature superior comfort in the chest and shoulders. Their sturdy function is built for utility, efficiency & easy care, no matter how greasy or grimy the job. The durable and breathable material resists fading, wrinkles and stains.

Product Information

Overall is a true workplace classic with a generous fit through the shoulders.

Basic overall|

These basic overalls are easily washable, comfortable to wear, perfectly cut, and excellently stitched. Florescent material with highly reflective properties.

  • Fiber content: 65% Polyester /34% Cotton / 1% antistatic

  • Weight: 350gsm

  • Colors: HV Orange/Black/Grey/Royal Blue

  • Size: XS – 5XL

Hooded overall|

These hooded overalls provide ease of movement with a bi-swing back and elastic inserts at the waist.

Hood Part

  • Fiber Content: 100% polyester Fabric

  • Weight: 120gsm

  • Colors: Royal blue/Teal

  • Size: XS – 5XL

Body Part

  • Fiber Content: 65% polyester/35% cotton Fabric

  • Weight: 350gsm

  • Colors: Royal blue/Teal

  • Size: XS – 5XL

Frequently Asked Questions

Workwear is of paramount importance in any industry. Your employees in a uniform must be visually appealing and create a great first impression for your clients, and the general public. The first impression can make a world of difference.

  • Function

    There may be safety considerations to take into account. Choosing your workwear is not a task that should be taken lightly, since the wellbeing of your employees and the reputation of your company may depend on it. Medtecs offer complete consult service to understand your need and produce the most appropriate workwear for you.

  • Image

    For building the enterprise impression in front of the public, you should consider the image that their uniform creates when choosing workwear. Medtecs is the best manufacturer all over the world not only because of decades of textile manufacturing experiences but also the high reputation of offering safe and legal workwear.

  • Branding

    Branding on your company apparel will be a foregone conclusion since it’s a chance to increase brand exposure and engender a sense of unity among the workforce. Medtecs offers a private label service that adds value to your brand. Just decide and tell us where you want the branding to appear, whether you prefer print designs, and what form you wish to take. Then you are well on your way.

  • Durability

    Does your company have a high turnover of staff? Is the workwear expected to last for multiple years, or is it geared towards a one-off corporate event? The lifespan you demand from your garments will go a long way to determining what they’re made from and the techniques used in their production.

  • Choose Breathable Fabrics
    Natural materials like cotton or wool designed especially for physical exercise will work well if you don’t want your clothes to stay damp against your skin all day.

  • Thermals Layers
    In a cold working environment, you have to take measures to keep warm. Thermal layers are used by those who work outdoors and will fit nicely underneath your coveralls.

  • Nothing Too Bulky
    Avoid wearing very bulky clothes, as they may not fit under your overalls and could restrict your movements.

  • Long Sleeves
    It’s better to choose long sleeves and pant legs under your overalls to avoid any unwanted chafing throughout the day.

Could Medtecs Make A Customized Version?

If you have any request for products, please feel free to contact our service team to get more information.

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