Culture & Work Attitude

Medtecs has long followed its core values of “Customer Focus, Valuing Our People, and Sustainable Practices” to provide world-class medical products, services and protective equipment. Medtecs good governance is also reflected in our culture and values. Employees at all levels understand the importance of TARPS and practice KUNG FU daily to create long-term value for the Company and its stakeholders.

Core Values

The TARPS Culture

Medtecs developed its own management keyword, TARPS. It is an acronym made up of five English words that symbolize the principle of management at Medtecs. Inspired from the waterproof fabric, tarp, the acronym stands for “Teamwork”, “Accountability”, “Reward & Punishment” and “Solution-Oriented”.



Reward & Punishment


Know Your Customer

Understand The Transaction

Never Give Up

Good For Stakeholders



The KUNG FU Attitude

At Medtecs, we uphold the values of KUNG FU in our work attitude. This acronym represents our commitment to “Know your customer”, “Understand the transaction”, “Never give up”, “Good for stakeholders”, “Faith”, and “Up”. KUNG FU emphasizes the practice of confidence and positivity in the face of adversity. As Medtecs employees, we strive to embody these qualities in our daily work, ensuring the highest level of service and dedication to our customers and stakeholders.

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