Medtecs Scrub Suits for Women

Medtecs Scrub Suits for Women are designed for all healthcare settings. Specifically engineered to guarantee comfort and performance, the scrub suits are made with special fabric which offers an ultra soft touch and comes with high stretchability, durablility, and breathability. 

【Medtecs Scrub Suits for Women】

  • Made with Medtecs’ Aero Comfort Fabric for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Available in six sizes from XS to 2XL.
  • Equipped with anti-static properties to repel hair, dust, and other small particles.
  • A bio-responsive coating is added to our scrub tops and pants for odor-control and protection.

Size Chart



Medtecs Scrub Suits for Women
Material72% Polyester/21% Rayon/7% Spandex
ColorCeil Blue/Navy/Burgundy
SizeFrom XS to 2XL

Frequently Asked Questions

Scrub suits provide adequate protection against infections. High-quality medical scrubs are made of fabric thick enough to reduce direct contact with body fluids. Apart from protection, Medtecs Scrub Suits for Women also provide the comfort and performance that cater to the needs of professionals in healthcare settings.

  • Comfort
    Medtecs Scrub Suits for Women are made with comfortable fabric for healthcare professionals to wear for hours on end.
  • Perfect for Movement
    Our scrub suits are made to provide maximum comfort and flexibility for healthcare professionals to perform their tasks without constraints. Made to be tailored-fit, our scrubs fit all body types.
  • Identification
    Different colors of scrub suits can help identify staff from various departments within a hospital or other medical facilities.
  • Protection
    Our scrub suits come with antimicrobial ability to reduce odor and enhance protection.
  • Durability
    With anti-static ability, our scrub suits can effectively repel dirt, hair and small particles. However, if your scrub suits ever get dirty, they are highly washable and able to undergo sterilization to remove blood stains and other germs.

If you have customization requests, please drop us a line at sales@medtecs.com

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