KN95 Mask for Kids

Designed to ensure a higher level of protection for your kids, Medtecs KN95 Face Mask (Small) is constructed with 5 layers of nonwoven fabric, which effectively blocks particles, smoke, mist, dust, and droplets. Ideal for daily wear and in crowded spaces where health risks run high.


【5 layers of protection】Surface and inner layers composed of nonwoven fabrics with 3 filtering layers in the middle made of meltblown fabrics and hot air cotton.

【All-day comfort】Equipped with an adjustable nose clip, elastic earloops and breathable fabrics, our mask guarantees comfort for your children to wear for hours on end, while maintaining the durability to withstand repeated tugging and pulling from kids.

【3D design】Bigger pocket means more breathing area and no feeling of stuffiness.

【Individually packed】Each of our KN95 face mask is individually packed to prevent contamination and for your kids to easily carry around.


Product NameKN95 Mask for Kids
MaterialNonwovens/Hot air cotton/Meltblown
Dimension11.5cm x 11.2cm
Country of OriginChina
Package Quantity30 pcs/box

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