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Customized butcher’s coats made by Medtecs stay classic, stain-resistant, and comfortable in wear. Our butcher’s frocks always present your everyday excellence.

Product Information

  • Hidden snaps front closure Fabric with soil release treatment
  • Fiber content: 100% Polyester, 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Fabric
  • Weight: 245gsm

  • Colors: White and Colors

  • Size: XS – 5XL

  • Regular, No pocket, No cuffs Stainless snaps front closure Fabric with soil release treatment

About Butcher's Frock

  • Great And Convenient Accessories To Keep Clean
  • Butcher’s apron isuseful in keeping your clothes from getting dirty.

  • Hygiene And Sanitary Consideration
    Wearing an apron prevents your food coming into contact with the dust, dirt, hair, germs and whatever else might have been floating around you throughout your day.
  • Specialized uniform designs
    The textile selection and clothing tailoring help address critical safety issues such as preventing cross-contamination.

  • Specific Stain-resistance Effect
    The FDA recommends that employees wear clean clothes and any additional outer items. That will help protect both the wearer and fresh meat and fresh-cut produce from inadvertent contamination during processing.

Could Medtecs make a customized version?

If you have any request for products, please feel free to contact our service team to get more information.

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