Travel with Covid 19, You need a good coverall

CoverU Jacket is designed specifically for travel under the current COVID 19 situation.  Developments in the coronavirus pandemic remain uncertain around the world. No travel is risk-free, and many countries have closed their borders due to the new variant of the virus.

If you decide to travel, not only that you are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board a flight, you will also need to protect yourself or your loved ones by ensuring that you are protected during your travel.  

CoverU Jacket


The coverall suit designed for safe travel

Traditional Coverall suit is difficult to take off, Especially during washroom time.

The current coveralls can ensure the passenger’s entire body is protected all the time through flight travel.  However, it is difficult for travelers to go to the washroom, especially during flight time.   The CoverU Jacket is designed by combining 2 important concepts:

  1. The passengers’ protective safety is the highest priority.
  2. The limited spatial movement during the flight should be strongly considered.

The CoverU Jacket provides the users sufficient coverage during flight travel.  


Fly Suit for Covid air travel
Light Pack CoverU Jacket

Post COVID-19 safety travel

If you must travel, make sure that you are well protected

When COVID-19 spiralled out of control and epidemics in a growing list of countries suddenly became a global pandemic, flight safety has become an global health issue.     

Social distancing is difficult on crowded flights and sitting within 6 feet of others, sometimes for hours, may increase your risk of getting COVID-19.  Make sure you are protected all the time.  

It is important to point out that the jacket shouldn’t be considered as personal protective equipment and doesn’t replace the need to wear an approved face mask and other PPE depending on local rules and regulations.


CoverU Jacket

CoverU Jacket Female Version女用出國防護衣-飛行衣-Medtecs brand
CoverU Jacket Adult Size
Covid 19 Fly Jacket for Kids
CoverU Jacket Kids Size

New rule for air travel

As air travel begins to slowly recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic, the aviation industry is implementing a multi-layered mitigation strategy intended to reduce the risk of air travel−related COVID-19 transmission as much as possible. Airlines, Airports, aircraft manufacturers, ground support companies, and numerous other organizations are working cooperatively to keep passengers and employees safe and to instill confidence in travelers, health authorities, regulators, and governments. The Foundation’s “Multi-Layered Approach to Reducing COVID-19 Risk in Air Travel” outlines the actions that have been taken and the research and development efforts that are underway.

Frequently Asked Questions

ASTM Standards

ASTM Standards & Protective Clothing

ASTM International is an international organization that sets standards for a wide range of products, materials, systems, or services that are used every day by people to do their jobs.  Let’s Look at the ASTM standards that are related to protective clothing.

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