Diversity in the Workplace

Medtecs’ employees are the Company’s most valuable asset. We strive to build harmonious workplace relationships and protect employees’ rights and interests by providing excellent remunerations and benefits, a friendly work environment, and complete career development plans.

Talent Recruitment and Retention

Medtecs recognises that talent selection, recruitment, development, promotion, and retention are crucial for driving the Company’s growth. We use various recruitment channels to attract talent and have introduced a headhunting mechanism to identify hidden talents. We provide our employees with excellent remuneration and benefits, a comprehensive career development plan, and actively nurture and retain talents to cultivate leaders with the TARPS (Teamwork, Accountability, Reward & Punishment, and Solution-Oriented) spirit.

Education, Training and Development

It is our responsibility to plan the development and growth of our employees. We provide comprehensive employee training programs to develop the core values and strategies of the Group.

Pre-Employment Training

When new employees join the Group, there will be a series of related courses to help employees familiarise themselves with the Group’s vision and corporate culture, including “New Employee Orientation,” “Introduction to Personnel Systems,” “Group Operations Policy,” “Sustainable Development Program,” and “Occupational Safety and Health On-the-Job Education and Training.”

Professional Development

We offer specialized courses designed to meet the specific professional needs of our employees. Our on-the-job education and training programs are tailored to their roles, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. We also create digital learning materials that allow our employees to access training materials quickly and easily, wherever they are.

Epidemic Prevention and Health Education

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have arranged special health workshops on mitigation strategies for COVID-19 and provided training to hospital staff. The course mainly covers on-site infection control measures, introduction to emerging epidemics, and the donning and doffing of protective gear.

Occupational Safety and Health

Our employees’ health and safety are our top priorities, and to ensure that our workplaces are safe and healthy, we’ve established Occupational Safety and Health Committees in each of our subsidiaries. These Committees hold regular meetings to implement policies and procedures related to occupational safety and health. We have Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to complement our occupational safety and health management plans, which are reviewed every year. These plans include programs for maternal health protection, prevention and management of abnormal workload-induced illnesses, and ergonomics hazard prevention, among others.


Maternal Health Protection Program

We understand the importance of supporting our employees during pregnancy and motherhood. That's why we offer hazard assessment and control, doctor interviews and guidance, risk classification and management, and work re-assignment to our employees from the date of pregnancy to one year after delivery to ensure their health and wellbeing during this critical time.


Abnormal Workload-Induced Illness Prevention and Management Program

We understand the risks associated with abnormal workloads, such as shift work, night work, and long-hour work, and the impact they can have on the health of our employees. Therefore we provide health management measures to workers who may suffer from disorders due to these types of workloads. Our measures include early detection and prevention of diseases and health problems, such as brain and cardiovascular related diseases caused by overwork.

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Ergonomics Hazard Prevention Program

We devised a range of targeted improvement measures to mitigate the risk of musculoskeletal injuries or ergonomics-related illnesses among workers caused by repetitive operations, suboptimal hardware design in the work environment, unfavorable work posture, or extended working hours.

Workplace Hazard Control

Earth fault circuit breakers, machine guarding, safety interlocks.

Work procedures, safe working practices, rules.

Ear plugs, face shields and chemical resistant gloves.

We conduct a reasonable investigation to determine the cause of the accident and analyse the future control measures required to prevent a recurrence.

Precise locations of emergency exits, fire-fighting equipment, medicine cabinets, and contact information for emergency personnel are visibly displayed in work areas. SOPs are established to guide employees during different emergencies.

As part of our comprehensive occupational health management measures, our Cambodian subsidiary has successfully completed a Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) and actively participated in the Cambodia Best Better Factory Program, aimed at improving working conditions across the country.

Workplace Conditions Assessment


Better Factory Cambodia Program

better factories_cambodia

Remuneration and Benefit

Medtecs attaches great importance to the rights and well-being of the employees. We provide the employees with excellent remuneration and diversified benefits, including supporting benefits for marriage and funeral, education bonus for employees’ children and employees and more. Every year, we organize employee activities, hoping to consolidate the adhesion of employees, enhance their sense of belonging, and ease their stress in order to achieve work-life balance.

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