Diversified Workplaces

Medtecs’ employees are the Company’s most valuable asset. We strive to build harmonious workplace relationships and protect employees’ rights and interests by providing excellent remunerations and benefits, a friendly work environment, and complete career development plans.

Training and development

It is our responsibility to plan the development and growth of our employees. We provide comprehensive employee training programs to develop the core values and strategies of the Group.

2020 Statistics on training of Medtecs’ employees

New employee orientation

Medtecs has built a comprehensive training framework for new hires. Through the comprehensive education and training courses, they can quickly understand the Group’s culture.

Laying a good foundation

We provide courses such as the “Introduction to the Personnel System” and the “Occupational Safety and Health On-the-job Education and Training” to assist new employees to blend in and adapt to the new environment.

Cultural integration

Courses covering Medtecs’ vision, mission, core values, and corporate social responsibility are offered to new employees to deepen their understanding and recognition of Medtecs’ culture.

Professional knowledge

Courses are designed by related units, and on-the-job education and training are carried out according to the professions. In addition, suitable courses are converted into digital teaching materials, allowing employees to quickly adapt to the new environment and free access to training materials.

Occupational safety and health

To protect the health of our employees and the safety of the working environment, each subsidiary of Medtecs has established an Occupational Safety and Health Committee. The Committee holds regular meetings to implement the occupational safety and health policies. In addition to a code of conduct for employees, occupational safety and health management plans are formulated every year, including maternal health protection programs, abnormal workload-induced illness prevention, and management program, ergonomics hazard prevention program and more.


Maternal Health Protection Program

From the date of pregnancy to one year after delivery, Medtecs offers supporting measures such as hazard assessment and control, doctor interview and guidance, risk classification and management, and work re-assignment to female employees based on their needs.


Abnormal Workload-induced Illness Prevention and Management Program

To avoid illnesses triggered by abnormal workloads among Medtecs employees, health management measures are provided to workers who may suffer disorders due to abnormal workloads such as shift work, night work, and long-hour work, preventing workers from suffering brain and cardiovascular related diseases due to overwork. This enables early detection and prevention of diseases and health problems.

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Ergonomics Hazard Prevention Program

To prevent workers from suffering musculoskeletal injuries or ergonomics related diseases due to repetitive operation, improper hardware design in the work environment, poor work posture, or long working hours, related improvement measures were formulated.

Our subsidiary in Cambodia is certified by Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) and Better Factories Cambodia, a unique program of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Workplace Conditions Assessment


Better Factory Cambodia Program

better factories_cambodia

Remuneration and benefit

Medtecs attaches great importance to the rights and well-being of the employees. We provide the employees with excellent remuneration and diversified benefits, including supporting benefits for marriage and funeral, education bonus for employees’ children and employees and more. Every year, we organize employee activities, hoping to consolidate the adhesion of employees, enhance their sense of belonging, and ease their stress in order to achieve work-life balance.

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Halloween party

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Halloween party

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