Medtecs to Attend MEDICA 2023 and A+A 2023 Trade Fair in Germany and Showcase Taiwan’s PPE Advantage


Medtecs International Corporation Limited (Medtecs), the world’s leading company in personal protective equipment (PPE), medical supplies and services, will return to Germany this year to participate in A+A 2023 Trade Fair and MEDICA 2023, two of the world’s largest safety and medical exhibitions held at Messe Düsseldorf from October 24 to 27 and November 13 to 16, respectively. These exhibitions collectively draw more than 5,000 well-known manufacturers, including pioneers and industry experts, worldwide. Medtecs will showcase a wide variety of top-quality medical gowns and gloves in line with its corporate mission to “provide safe and effective products with speed, warmth, and care,” and contribute to workplace safety and health as part of its ESG efforts. Medtecs will also spotlight its commitment to “better the world’s health for everyone, everywhere” and Taiwan’s exceptional expertise in medical product.  

Medtecs, an advocate of the people-first culture in Taiwan, will showcase high-quality protective gear at A+A 2023, which promotes safety, security, and health at work. Aligned with the expo’s theme, Medtecs will feature high-quality protection gears including workwear that offers extraordinary comfort and durability, for workers of various specialization. Notably, the company’s disposable coveralls are designed to protect the wearer from hazardous substances, allergens, body fluid transfer, dust, and smudges across different settings. 


At MEDICA 2023, the world’s leading trade fair for medical supplies, Medtecs is set to return with its nitrile gloves, prized for their outstanding elasticity and durability, to address growing concerns around infection in nursing care, along with other innovative solutions designed for personalized healthcare. Among the highlighted products are disposable medical gowns that, beyond customizable options, offer superior protection through the use of PPSB and PE films to ensure improved durability, air permeability, comfort, and ease of use.


With more than three decades of professional manufacturing experience, Medtecs currently supplies a wide range of medical protection gears, products, and services worldwide, notably in the USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Medtecs’ core competitive strengths include: 

  1. Diverse Product Lines for Every Medical Need and Scenario
    Medtecs is devoted to safeguarding the well-being of medical personnel by offering products tailored to ensure safety. Our solutions cater to a broad spectrum of medical environments including hospitals, laboratories, research institutions, food processing facilities, and cleaning services. Our primary offerings encompass medical-grade isolation gowns, coveralls, face masks, and nitrile gloves. 
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology and Robust Production Capacity
    With more than 30 years of experience in production, Medtecs boasts a robust manufacturing capacity known for its quality. It has the world’s largest capacity in seam taping processing so it is able to meet the increasing demand for protective equipment with resistance to liquid and viral penetration. 
  3. Global Quality Assurance
    Medtecs strives to provide users with reliable and safe, products of the highest quality. All products have been tested to meet rigorous protection standards, and have qualified for various certifications in Taiwan, USA, and Europe.
  4. Premier Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) Glove Manufacturing
    Medtecs’ cutting-edge NBR glove factory in Cambodia’s Manhattan Special Economic Zone began full-scale production in September 2022. It is now the largest glove factory in Cambodia. NBR, the core material, provides excellent abrasion resistance and is free from latex allergens, ensuring a latex allergy-free environment.

Products to be highlighted in A+A 2023 and MEDICA 2023 include:


  • Nitrile Gloves – Designed for all medical applications, Medtecs’ disposable NBR gloves are powder-free hypoallergenic, and offer excellent oil resistant as well as protection against chemicals and microorganisms. Designed for optimal comfort, they mitigate stress and fatigue even during extended wear. Beyond medical contexts, these versatile gloves find utility and, in many cases, are essential in various scenarios and professions such as gardening, cleaning, and food processing. 
  • Disposable Coveralls – These loose-fitting coveralls, made from HDPE non-woven fabric, shield the entire body from biological threats. They feature Medtecs’ proprietary sealing tape technology, allowing heat and sweat to escape while preventing the entry of fluids and aerosols, offering optimal protection for medical personnel.
  • Disposable Isolation Gowns – These gowns, also made from HDPE, leverage Medtecs’ exclusive sealing tape technology to offer outstanding air permeability while maintaining impeccable resistance to liquids. These gowns ensure isolation from microorganisms.
  • Workwear – Beyond its core medical protection products, Medtecs provides essential occupational workwear including jackets, coveralls, and overalls to equip professionals across all industries with the highest level of safety, comfort, and protection.
  • Scrub Suits – Medtecs has created stretchy scrub suits for medical personnel that are safe, practical, durable, and professional in appearance. The suits feature specialized materials and multi-functional designs such as V-neck, U-neck, pockets, and storage compartments to hold tools and personal items. These scrub suits also incorporate features for easy cleaning and maintenance to meet the highest medical hygiene standards. 

Join Medtecs at A+A 2023 and MEDICA 2023 to witness the Medtecs difference firsthand and explore how the company is reshaping safety, protection, and comfort across various industries.

Exhibition details

A+A 2023

  • Venue: Messe Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Booth ID: Hall11 F04-2
  • Date and time of exhibition: 09:00-18:00, October 24-27, 2023

【MEDICA 2023】

  • Venue: Messe Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Booth ID: Hall6 A43-1
  • Date and time of exhibition: 10:00-18:00, November 13-16, 2023



About Medtecs

Medtecs International Corporation Limited (“Medtecs”) is the world’s leading provider and distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE) and a trusted multi-national PPE stockpiling solutions provider to governments and group purchasing organizations around the world.

Medtecs and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) commenced operations in 1989 and has since established a strong presence in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The Group has offices and facilities spanning across Asia including Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, the People’s Republic of China, Cambodia, and the United States for expansion into the global domestic PPE and medical consumables market. Currently, the Group’s headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan. 


Medtecs is dual-listed on Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX: 546) and Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE: 9103).

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