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Omicron VS. Delta

Omicron variant vs. Delta: what are the differences?

Despite the fact that the severity of the illness and death associated with Omicron is still under research, early data suggest Omicron may not make people as ill as prior variants. Even so, we should not overlook the impact of Omicron as the sheer volume of people testing positive will pile more pressure on the already overburdened health care systems.


Benefits of children wearing masks

Benefits of children wearing masks in school during the COVID-19 pandemic

What are the benefits of children wearing face masks? Should children wear face masks? There is currently no COVID vaccine available for children under 12.  Masks should still be used to protect children under 12.   For parents, if your children have not been vaccinated, you should still choose to wear a mask. Children under 2 years of age should not be wearing face masks

Flight & Covid19

Can I travel after I’ve been vaccinated? Is it safe to fly during COVID-19?

Is it safe to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact that there is no common symptom for it? There is a possibility that the virus may cause a common illness like cough and flu but the illness is said to last longer. Therefore, you cannot be sure if you have the illness or not. It is best to ask questions before you travel to another place.

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