Waterproof & Breathable


Underpads made by Medtecs offer comfort and waterproof protection, keep your sheets dry all night.
washable underpad goes over the bottom sheet to protect the mattress and sheets from moisture and staining.


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  • Patent Incontinence Underpad- Thin and easy to absorb water.

Underpads, also called Chux, are typically used to protect the mattress from urine damage.

An underpad is usually placed above or below the linens and absorbs leaking liquid.

Underpads have become the standard in long-term care facilities and hospitals to protect mattresses and furniture from urine damage and reduce linen laundry.

  1. Protecting your bed from liquid, urine, women’s period, or body fluid.
  2. Protecting furniture.
  3. Baby diaper changing.
  4. Kitchen leaking and spilling.

Reusable underpads can be washed immediately after use. Followings are the tips to wash underpads:

  1. Soaking- Soak used underpads in cold water for about 40 minutes before washing them in hot water. If the pad is extremely stained you can rinse the stained water and soak the pad again in freshwater.

  2. Rinse used pads completely to remove stains before actually washing them with soap or detergent.

  3. You can use warm water to either hand-wash or machine-wash your rinsed-out cloth pads. Laundry liquid is the preferred one than stain removers if you need it.

  4. You can tumble dry or line dry in direct sun.

  5. After totally drying, store them flat so that they don’t lose their shape.

Could Medtecs Make A Customized Version?​

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