Value Innovation

With over 30 years of experience in the PPE industry, Medtecs regards the R&D of products and services as an important driving force for growth. In recent years, we have optimized our warehousing and logistics management and increased our production lines and sales channels.

Product and service innovation

The Group is committed to being a leading total solution provider of PPE and related services. Based on market demand and customer needs, the Group continues to develop new products and services.

● Product innovation

Weekly Disposable Masks

Combined with new TTA nanomaterials and non-woven fabrics, the mask has an average life cycle of 5 to 7 days, which helps reduce plastic waste and is therefore more environmentally friendly.


CoverU Jacket

Specifically designed for travel. The CoverU Jacket is designed as a jacket-like travel suit, which will provide passengers on flight or other modes of transportation with the flexibility and protection needed. The entire suit can filter out tiny particles and dust in the air, ensuring the comfort and safety of users. In the future, it will not only be available for individual purchase, but also for collaborations with global airlines to offer passengers as an add-on.


Cooltex fabric for hospital use

We engineered Cooltex fabrics for our hospital textiles. In the Philippines, Cooltex fabrics gained wide popularity with more than 10 million meters of fabrics produced to this date.

● Service innovation

Global PPE stockpiling services

We will continue with the business strategies set in 2020: to focus on growing our Global PPE Stockpiling Services and collaborate with government agencies, institutions, and retail customers around the world to provide them with head-to-toe protective solution and PPE stockpile management.

Quality management

Quality management is essential to our long-term success. With enhanced quality management procedures and compliant product labeling, Medtecs has built consumer trust. Each product has designated specifications and inspection standards to keep the quality, safety, and stability under control. We will continue to improve the product control process and formulate debugging specifications in order to achieve perfection and creating products that meet the requirements of domestic and international regulations as well as quality standards.

Quality control of Medtecs’ products

(Taking the subsidiary in the Philippines as an example)

Incoming raw materials

10% of all raw materials are sampled after entering the factory. Subsequently, visual inspection, laboratory test, and examination by instrument are carried out. If there is any concern about the quality of the material, complete (100%) inspection of this batch of raw material is carried out.


Before mass production, a pilot run is carried out in advance, and quality control personnel is assigned to inspect the quality of the products and raw materials. Only after the pilot run confirms the right processes, can the mass production be carried out.


All materials, trimmings, and finished products are sorted and stacked in designated locations, labeled with information such as name, batch
number, and time. The products are shipped according to the principle of
“first in, first out”.

Sustainable supply chain

● Supplier selection and evaluation

The Group’s supplier selection is based on principles of fairness, impartiality, and transparency. To ensure the quality of the suppliers’ products and services, the suppliers must be evaluated according to the above-mentioned selection criteria and pass the qualification before they can be selected. During the cooperation, regular or unscheduled audits are required to monitor the quality of the suppliers’ products and services.

Supplier's declaration
and undertaking

We require all existing and new suppliers to sign declarations and undertaking on environment, safety, and health:

✓ Declaration of Non-use of Hazardous Substances
✓ Declaration on Environmental Protection
✓ Suppliers Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment
✓ Anti-corruption and bribery undertaking
✓ Non-Disclosure Agreement


Evaluate the suppliers according to the following items:

✓ Supplier’s financial status
✓ Product quality
✓ Delivery schedule
✓ Price
✓ Adaptability

Response and improvement

At the end of each year, a “List of Qualified Suppliers” will be proposed, which is then submitted for approval with corresponding measures to be taken as follow-up actions. For unqualified suppliers, unscheduled factory and product audits are carried out and random inspections of bulk material are performed.

● Local procurement

We set to increase the ratio of local procurement in countries where our manufacturing sites and facilities are located. To assist the development of local industries, lower the transportation cost, and reduce the impact on the environment, we encourage and authorize local management team to consider purchasing items that can be supplied locally, including cartons, labels, plastic bags and more.


In 2020, the rate of first-class products was over 97%. There was no return/exchange of products, and the customer satisfaction rate was over 99%.

"Medtecs' surgical masks and medical masks obtained the medical equipment quality management certification of the ISO 13485 Medical Devices - Quality Management System. "

CoverU Jacket has received CE certification and patents in both Taiwan and China.

Medium and long-term targets

Continue to comply with local laws and regulations, and obtain required certifications to ensure product quality, health and safety.

Formulate a global supplier list, implement the Group's business model of "Source and sell globally", and reduce the costs of transportation as well as raw materials while at the same time to fulfill customer needs with speed and quality.

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