Waterproof & Breathable

Medtecs CoverU Jacket
for Adults

Passed AAMI Level 1 Standard

Product ID: DC-0050WEH

  • To filter particles and dust
  • The whole clothing is made of filtering materials; wearing it is equivalent to being protected under a large mask. (anti-fog)
  • Comfortable to wear and has a good air permeability
CoverU Jacket for Adult-Medtecs brand

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CoverU Jacket Size Chart

medtecs flight-jacket size chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide sufficient protection from poor air quality and in-flight pollutants.  Provides full coverage for upper body protection, filters particulates/dust, and blocks droplets to prevent direct contact transmission.  

100% filtration rate against>1μm particulates.  (pm2.5 = 2.5 μm particulate)

  1. Not recommended for pregnant women or those with asthma and other respiratory issues.
  2. Remove Immediately if one is experiencing breathing difficulty.
  3. Keep away from fire. 

One CoverU Jacket’s lasting hours are 56 hours.  If one jacket has been worn for one week, we recommend replacing the jacket on the 8th day.

If any of the following occurs, replace the CoverU jacket immediately:

  1.  The product is visibly soiled or damaged
  2. The product causes breathing issues or any other discomfort.
  1. Wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel after each use.
  2. Hang dry in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place
  3. Store in the provided nad and seal the opening tight.  Do not bend the transparent face shield.

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