The product line designed for antiviral protection.

About ANC

Antiviral - Nanocomposites

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Tested Antiviral Effects

When activated, ANC forms highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that suppress the growth of viruses and bacteria.

Safe & Proven

38 Global Certificates & Test Reports.  ANC has obtained multi-national patents and has passed a wide range of virus and bacteria test reports, including cytotoxicity test certifications, anti-viral tests & antibacterial tests.

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Anti-Viral Applications

ANC integrated products and materials include, but are not limited to, various filters, curtains, medical types of equipment, PPE, masks, blankets, medical gowns & uniforms.

More ANC-integrated Medtecs products are in testing and development phases.

Non-Toxic Antiviral Ingredient

ANC is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and self-cleaning material with ultra-high temperature resistance (under 500 ℃).

3 Benefits from Medtecs Shield

1 %

The Key antiviral ingredient, TTA, forms highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that suppress the growth of viruses and bacteria. 

1 Days

Provides 99.9% protection from viruses, bacteria, and
molds. Enhanced protection up to 180 days.

1 Reports

Provides 30 global testing reports, including the testing reports for human safety, antiviral effects, antibacterial reports.  The products are USA FDA certified.  

Medtecs Shield - Provides a complete antiviral shield that secures your health and lifestyle

Medtecs Shield Product Lines

Medtecs Anti-Viral Weekly Disposable Mask

A 3-ply medical mask that complies with CNS 14774 mask regulations. Designed for 5-7 days of use to reduce waste, odor-free.

Medtecs Anti-Viral Spray

Medtecs Anti-Viral Spray offers up to 99.9% antiviral and antibacterial protection! The alcohol-free spray has SGS certification and offers effective protection for up to 180 days. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and odor-free.

Medtecs Anti-Viral Stylus Pen

Public surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, or buttons are common risk areas for contact transmission of bacteria and viruses. These public surfaces are the main reasons people who do not practice proper hand hygiene bring home pathogens. Medtecs Anti-Viral Stylus Pen helps prevent transmission of the pathogen via direct contact. It is small in size and fits inside most pockets and bags.

Antiviral Case

VIROPROOF SERIES-ANTIVIRAL CASE - WITH MILITARY-GRADE DROP PROTECTION Viroproof series-antiviral case offers 3-meter drop protection. Registered with the US FDA, this phone case is coated with TTA for anti-bacterial and anti-virus surface protection, and has been designed specifically to keep the phone uses’ hands clean. The anti-viral case has passed the military standard MIL-STD-810G drop test. The fully-covered shock-absorbing air pressure design enhances drop resistance.

Viroproof Series-Antiviral Card Holder

Double-sided antiviral material inhibits germs. TPU Material, gelled corners for enhanced durability. Customization provided upon request.

Medtecs Shield
Designed to Protect

Medtecs Shield is a sub-brand developed by Medtecs Group. It aims to implant new antiviral nanocomposites through various household products. More Medtecs Shield products will be launched in the future, so stay tuned.

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