Brand Collaboration

Medtecs is open to opportunities to work with various companies for brand collaboration. We believe personal protective equipment can be functional, effective and most importantly, stylish.

Fight the Pandemic with Style!

Medical face masks can be both stylish and protective.  Most importantly, they are essential during the pandemic period.  

Olympics x Medtecs

Working with the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, Medtecs designed and manufactured Team Taipei’s limited edition face masks to promote the spirit of all sports. We both seek to promote peace and unity within the international community through the medium of sports. 

奧會口罩 Olympic Face Masks
Medtecs Brand Collaboration


In March 2021, Medtecs collaborated with the Taipei City Government mascot “Bravo Bear” to launch three sets of medical masks in blue, yellow, and pink. 

Pili x Medtecs

Pili (TV Series) is a Taiwanese glove puppetry show that uses CGI during action sequences, unlike traditional puppet shows, gaining popularity across the country since 1985. 

In 2021, Medtecs and Pili launched a series of antiviral products to promote the idea of viral prevention.   


Recruiting Anti-epidemic Partners!

We believe that the world needs more heroes to fight against diseases with us. Join us to make it happen now!

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