IP Cooperation

Medtecs is seeking opportunities to work with various companies for intellectual property collaboration.  We believe personal protective equipment can be both functional,  effective, and most importantly, stylish.

Let's fight the pandemic with style!

Facemask can be “stylish” and can act as a piece of a promotional tool for your business brand.   

Bravo Bear 熊讚


In March 2021, Medtecs cooperated with the Taipei City Government mascot “Bravo Bear” to launch three sets of medical masks.  The idea is to promote the face mask with style and design.   

Pili Glove Puppetry Series

Pili is a Taiwan glove puppetry show, made by Pili International Multimedia.  The TV series debuted in 1985.  Unlike traditional puppet shows, Pili uses CGI during action sequences. The delicate design of the appearance and characteristics of each puppet has made Pili a well-known TV series in Taiwan.

In 2021, Medtecs and PILI launched a series of antiviral products to promote the ideal of viral prevention.  


Recruiting anti-epidemic partners!

We believe that the world needs more hero to appear and fight against viruses and pandemic.  Join us with your IP, and we can work together.

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