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lab coat

High-quality lab coats are made of soft fabric. They are durable and functional that protect you in work environments.

  • Lapel collar, snap front closure or with polyester buttons w/ or w/o knit cuffs

Product Information

  • Material:
    100% Polyester
    100% Cotton
    65% Polyester/35% Cotton
    55% Cotton/45% Polyester Fabric
  • Fabric weight: 180-280 gsm
  • Colors: White and colors
  • Size: XS-5XL

Frequently Asked Questions

The white lab coat is a quintessential element of any medical or scientific setting. It’s universally recognized as a symbol of scientific rigor across professions around the globe.

  • Hygiene Symbolication

    It is absolutely necessary that protective clothing be easy to clean and keep clean. Lab coats serve as a sort of armor that shields the wearer from harmful chemicals, bacteria, and everything else on the other side of the fabric, and the color helps to keep this armor in the best condition to protect the wearer.

  • Cost Consideration

    Before lab coats became popular in their contemporary white, they were commonly beige. Dying fabric any color is more expensive, so this latest shift was likely due to simple cost.

  • Special Occupation Symbolication

    When we see a white lab coat, we might think of a status symbol like a doctor, a student, or any type of scientist.

Both lab coats and doctor coats are usually made of the same textile.

The whole aim of a coat is to stop hazardous materials from touching the person. The difference between lab coats and doctor coats is the special functional design. For example, the types and positions of pockets, the material functions against various hazards, etc. Basically, there is no difference at the base level.

  • Scientists and Research Scientists
  • Microbiologists
  • Chemists
  • Medical Practitioners:
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Lab Technicians
  • Veterinarians
  • Electronic Technicians
  • Other health care professionals

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