Enterprise Private Label Program

Customized PPE/Uniform

With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing medical textile, personal protective equipment, and uniforms, Medtecs has been the number 1 production base for many well-known PPE and uniform brands.  If you have private label needs, let us know!


Enterprise Private Label Program

Are you in the PPE business?  Are you an established company looking for a reputable PPE manufacturer to help you expand your product portfolio? Or, are you a start-up that is trying to get your foot in the door of the emerging PPE market?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the Medtecs Private Label Program is the answer to expanding your PPE portfolio or starting it.

PPE private Label

Customized "labels"

You can put your product labels on any of our product lines. The Medtecs products have been tested with our lab team, and we are confident about our products' test results. We understand the industry, we have the experience, and most importantly, we have the capacity for your production needs.


Customized "Types"

Do you have different regulations and operation procedures in your medical facilities? No problem, we can various ranges of product lines that meet various standards in different countries. Let us know your standard guidebook, and we will make it happen for your facilities.

Customized "Materials"

For every item, you may choose different types of fabric materials to customize your product needs. Of course, we will also provide a recommendation, price comparison for you to make a best-fit decision to make the judgment call. Of course, we make educational suggestions as well.

Private Label Process

If you have a list of products that interest you, please refer to the following three processes and fill in the demand form. We will have a specialist to follow up with your needs

1. Requirement

Let us know the products you are interested in, and let us know if the products have specific requirements that suit your standards.  That’s it, we will have someone contacting you asap. 

2. Proofing

The specialist will follow up with your needs and standards, provide sufficient MOQ and quotation information.  This process usually takes from weeks to months depends on the details.    Always let us know your expected time frame.  

3. Produce

We have facilities in various countries that may ship your product lines efficiently.  You can always come by and take a visit to our facilities.   During COVID-19 pandemic period, you can take a look at our google map info for more facility details.

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