Safeguarding Every Tomorrow

Comprehensive Product Lines

Medtecs' product lines include personal protective equipment, workwear & textile, and consumer health.

Made with Quality Materials

Medtecs' products are made with high quality materials to enhance durability and performance.

Rigorously Tested for Safety & Quality

Medtecs' products conform to international standards, including CE, FDA, EN 14126 and more. We also carry out rigorous test to ensure our products are safe and effective.

Available in Various Channels

Medtecs' products can be found on Amazon, Newegg, and other e-commerce platforms. You can buy our products anywhere, anytime.

Covering All Your Needs

From personal protection, medical workwear and textile to consumer care, Medtecs offers you full protection from head to toe, covering all your needs.

Our products are suitable for:

  1. Healthcare professionals
  2. Patients & hospital visitors
  3. Business travels
  4. Home

Healthcare Professionals

PPE is critical in minimizing risks of cross-contamination. Wearing proper face masks, gloves and isolation gowns and disinfecting tools and equipment are necessary precautions for healthcare professionals and patients in hospitals and other medical settings.

Patients & Hospital Visitors

Although hospitals perform routine cleaning and disinfection, patients and hospital visitors are still considered at high risk of being exposed to viruses. Visitors should wear face masks and proper PPE at all times for best protection.

Business Travels

Commercial visits are resuming as border controls loosen worldwide. Our CoverU Jacket offers you full protection when you are travelling on flights or other public transportation.


While risks are relatively low, cross-infection can still occur amongst family members. Therefore, having alcohol wipes or anti-viral sprays at home is essential to keep your loved ones safe.

Medtecs Best-Sellers

Disposable Coveralls
Disposable Isolation Gowns
Medical Face Masks
Scrub Suits for Women
CoverU Jacket
Hydrocolloid Gel Bandages
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