High Class Waterproof Breathable

AAMI Level 1 SMMS 22gsm

通過 AAMI Level 1 標準

產品 ID: IL 2022YTUU

  • 四層透氣耐液體SMMS材料
  • AATCC 42 水衝擊測試 45g
  • 針縫接縫
  • 拇指孔可固定隔離衣上肢部位
  • AAMI Level 1 防護


Level 1 隔離衣產品資訊

  • 材質: 100% PP SMMS
  • 織物重: 22gsm
  • 型號: IL2022YTUU
  • 顏色: 黃
  • 尺寸: 單一尺寸
  • 包裝: 10個/包, 100個/箱 (52*28*33 cm)
  • 毛重: 6.7 KGS

AAMI 醫療隔離衣產品 FAQ


這款輕巧的多層AAMI Level 1黃色隔離服由柔軟透氣的SMMS材料製成,可最大程度地提高舒適度。



  • Level 1:風險極低,用於基本護理、標準隔離、探視者遮蓋服或標準醫療單位等。
  • Level 2:低風險,在抽血、縫合、重症監護室(ICU)或病理實驗室中使用。
  • Level 3:中度風險,例如在動脈抽血、插入靜脈注射管、急診室或創傷病例中使用。
  • Level 4:高風險,用於例如長時間、液體密集的手術、手術中需要抵抗病原體或懷疑有傳染病時(非空氣傳播)。
(資訊來源: USA FDA)


During the current COVID-19 era, medical practitioners put on protective attires during the medical assessment, prompt diagnostic tests, and safety screening. Selecting the applicable and quality of personal protective clothing is a significant move.

Isolation gown & coverall are typically worn in the medical sector as effective protective apparel to prevent microbes and germs from spreading in quarantine facilities. 

Medical gowns offer limited coverage where the mid-calf and your back are left open. Gowns are tailored to stop any contamination on the front side only and covers from neck to knee—the backside openings aid in enhancing your comfort. Abdomen ties are added features in your attire and should be tied well to avoid additional hazards.

Coveralls are customized to provide full-body coverage, with some covering even your feet. The attire protects not only your body but also the clothes you are wearing from surrounding exposures. Moreover, these coveralls protect your workstation from contagions.

Coveralls are tailored to protect the whole body, making them ideal for frontline medical practitioners who receive patients with transmissible microbes like COVID-19. Moreover, coveralls joints and closures are vital as they enhance your attire effectiveness and toughness.


接縫的膠帶可以提供更多的保護,以防液體洩漏。 為用戶提供更多保護。




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