Medtecs soon to begin distributing RespireAid (NRICM101) in the Philippines and Cambodia

NRICM101-Medtecs Respire Aid

(TAIPEI, September 22, 2021) Medtecs International Corporation Limited (“Medtecs”) is pleased to announce that the company will manage the distribution of RespireAid (NRICM101) in the Philippines and Cambodia. The traditional Chinese herbal compound is developed in Taiwan and has already been proven effective for the treatment of Covid-19.

RespireAid (NRICM101)

The Cambodian authority has certified RespireAid (NRICM101) for sale earlier this month. The official approval will facilitate the distribution of the supplement and boost consumer confidence in the safety and efficacy of RespireAid (NRICM101).

The supplement was developed by the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM) in Taiwan. Evidence-based clinical trials were conducted on the compound and the results have shown RespireAid (NRICM101) to be effective in reducing fever, stabilizing lung functions, and reducing the number of days of hospitalization.

RespireAid (NRICM101)
RespireAid (NRICM101)
RespireAid (NRICM101)
RespireAid (NRICM101)

“Medtecs is committed to combating the COVID-19 pandemic at home and abroad. With RespireAid (NRICM101), we hope to safeguard the health of the people in the Philippines and Cambodia and to share this wonderful Taiwan-developed remedy with the world,” remarked Mr William Yang, Medtecs Group CEO.

Medtecs has long established a strong presence in the Philippines and Cambodia and is currently the biggest non-China-based personal protective equipment (PPE) provider in the Asia Pacific region. Medtecs believes the distribution of RespireAid (NRICM101) will further enhance the company’s position as a total solution provider for everyone’s infection prevention and health needs.

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