In addition to providing top-quality medical protective supplies and PPE, Medtecs offers procurement, OEM and co-branding services to corporate clients. We provide customization in materials and designs to fulfill different customer needs. Product customization with specific company logos or corporate identity designs are also available upon request.

Medtecs' customization services

Customized OEM service

Co-branding partnership

Customized OEM service

Corporate branding

A logo represents the identity of the company; it also serves as a way to communicate with customers. We provide customization service for our customer’s branding projects or promotional campaigns so that their logos are shown on Medtecs’ products such as scrub suits, surgical gowns, and face masks.

Customized design

Medtecs is the world’s leading provider and distributor of PPE with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing. We provide customization in materials and models so companies can cater to their various protection and safety needs.

Customized material

Under different circumstances and work conditions, different types of materials and quality standards are required to serve the safety and protection needs. We can cater to your specific needs and provide you with the appropriate materials. Companies can also choose suitable materials according to the AAMI standards.

Co-branding partnership

Style up your mask outfit! Face mask is more than just a protective gear. It can be a fashion accessory on your face that speaks for your character and style! We welcome different brands and companies to collaborate with us to create your own unique mask design!

Collaboration showcase

2020 Tokyo Olympics:
Medtecs X Chinese Taipei team

In April 2021, Medtecs designed a Games-inspired face mask to show support to the Chinese Taipei Team. We provided 200,000 pieces of the face masks to our Taiwan athletes, coaches, and trainers participating at the Tokyo Olympic Games.


In March 2021, Medtecs collaborated with Bravo the Bear, the mascot from the Department of Information and Tourism of the Taipei City Government to launch three sets of medical face masks in blue, yellow, and pink patterns.

Medtecs X Pili puppet show

In 2021, Medtecs and Pili puppet show launched a series of antiviral products to promote the idea of viral prevention. Pili is a Taiwanese glove puppetry show that uses CGI during action sequences. The show has made creative break-throughs with unparalleled story-telling, leading to its high popularity across Taiwan since 1985.

Medtecs X 2021 Christmasland
in New Taipei City

In December 2021, Medtecs joined hands with the New Taipei City Government to release two Christmas face masks for the annual Christmasland. Apart from using the traditional festive elements such as snowflakes and sleigh bells, our design incorporated Santa Bear, the mascot of Christmasland, to evoke Christmas spirit and the warm, fuzzy feelings of the holiday season.

Process of customization services

Confirming your customization requests

Got specific requirements for your purchase? Simply fill out the request form below and our specialist will quickly follow up with you to further assist you with your needs.

Sampling service

Our team of designers and product specialists are experienced hands in customization services. We can discuss the feasibility of your customization requests and also provide sampling service for you before confirming your orders.

Professional manufacturing

We have manufacturing and laundry facilities in various countries, all equipped with the production capabilities and quality services to meet the various needs of our clients.

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