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2019 A+A Trade Show

Exhibition: 2019 A+A Trade Show

Time: 2019/11/5 (TUE)-2019/11/8 (FRI)

Venue: Messe Düsseldorf, Germany


A+A is the world's largest and most important trade show for products that promote security, safety and health at work. This year A+A set new records in terms of the number of visitors and exhibitors involved: with a total of 2,121 exhibitors from 63 nations and over 73,000 recorded visitors.

Compared with EXPO Protection 2018 at Paris, A+A was larger in scale and more professional in all aspects. At the show, the Medtecs team was able to make contact with and collect information from many prospective clients, as well as suppliers that could become our partners.

At the 2019 A+A show, not only were we able to see the latest trends in workwear design from leading brands, but we were also able to watch and learn how our competitors displayed and marketed products similar to ours. These are all valuable lessons to be used to make Medtecs’s next trade show better.

We received a lot of customer inquiries about our disposable product offerings as more and more healthcare centers and hospitals around the world are starting to recognize the importance of infection control and prevention. Medtecs’s disposable products are designed for single use only and are effective tools to enhance infection control efforts and to reduce the opportunity for cross-contamination in the healthcare setting or in workplaces at risk for infections.

The overall atmosphere of A+A trade show was relaxed, lively yet professional. For exhibitors and companies who provide workplace safety products, A+A is definitely a trade show that can’t be missed.

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