Corporate Social Responsibility

Medtecs has long been committed to conducting our business in a responsible and sustainable way. In addition to complying with local labor and environmental protection laws and regulations, we endeavor to create a positive impact wherever we operate through charitable giving, volunteerism and community outreach. In 2019, we worked on a number of initiatives that aligned with our vision and mission, and the goals identified in our Sustainability Report to ultimately create value for society and better people’s lives.

In Taiwan
  • We held three large-scale workshops for healthcare professionals, procurement personnel and nursing staff stationed at schools (a total of about 455 people) to demonstrate the importance of the proper use and quality management of epidemic prevention gears and materials, empowering health-care facilities to practice more effective infection control while increasing individual awareness of infectious diseases across the board.

  • We made cash donations to Taiwanese indigenous laborers who had received housing assistance from Tainan City Government’s Labor Affairs Bureau.

In Cambodia
  • In collaboration with Sipar, a French NGO that focuses on improving literacy of underprivileged populations in Cambodia, we set up a Library Education Centre at our Kampong Cham factory to enhance educational and social development of our Cambodian employees.

  • Following long-standing tradition, we continued to donate to the Cambodian International Red Cross to support its construction of medical facilities and promotion of international humanitarian law.

  • We donated much-needed stationery to teachers and students in Cambodian schools on International Children's Day.

  • We donated face masks, blankets, food supplies and cash to the Cambodian police force.

  • We donated a cement table to a local Cambodian temple.

In the Philippines
  • We’re keen to support employees who volunteer or fundraise for a good cause. We sponsored our teams in the Million Volunteer Run organized by the Philippine Red Cross to raise funds to acquire such life-saving equipment as ambulances, fire trucks and rescue vehicles.

  • We donated 500,000 pieces of face masks to help locals who were affected by the ash falls following the eruptions of Taal Volcano.

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